La Casa Azul: Inspired by the writings of Frida Kahlo (Absolute Classics)

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Herrera talks of Kahlo never flinching from facing her own pain.

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This includes a FREE dental check-up every 6 months and access to same day emergency appointments. Summer is on its way!!! If you wish to enquire about anything here, phone, or e-mail direct to: leithdockers hotmail. Winans and the infamous Charles Bukowski. I had never been so affected by a poem in my whole life - its honesty and sensitivity were two attributes I had never before associated with the habitual criminal class to which Lipman belonged.

So naturally, as is now the way, I searched for his name on the internet, found little to nothing, and felt overwhelmingly compelled to change that. He was paroled from San Quentin on the 22nd May and died on the 8th September of natural causes. He had been free for just 3 months and 17 days. To my left is a photograph of Lipman and his publisher, A. Winans, at a reading — one of the few pictures of Lipman still in existence.

These are just snippets of a life less ordinary, but my own entry into this story had begun with a late night transatlantic phone call to the San Quentin Prison public relations department, who were, despite their best efforts, not equipped to deal with a bizarre request, made in broad Scottish brogue, regarding a prisoner from Winans, the writer reading at Neu Reekie with Ed Lipman on screen ,. Understandable, when all I had was a name. I fared partially better with the Californian State Archives who found some of the information I had requested: microfiche documents of his mug shot, finger prints and prison record.

At this point, having exhausted all official avenues, I decided to investigate whether the original publisher was still in business. Winans, was actually the person who had run Second Coming Press, the publisher of the collection that introduced me to Lipman. I checked whether he was alive.

Paintings by Frida Kahlo

He was. I emailed. I waited. Three months went by. Then came a reply from Winans now 81 years old, and as surprised by my enquiry as I was his reply. He answered all questions, most importantly regarding whether Lipman had further work. It turns out he had published one chapbook, Winans informed, back in , titled No Capital Crime. This was all I needed. I discovered that a rare book dealer in San Francisco had a copy so I contacted him.

He knew nothing of Lipman, the chapbook having been bought unintentionally — but for me serendipitously — in a job lot. I had no experience of doing this but by now I was regularly corresponding with A.

Winans, so ran. I asked Winans once more if there was anything missing, and there was. So, next stop from the correctional facility that is San Quentin was the Ivy League. Winans was right, they had everything: prison letters Lipman had sent to friends, first draft submissions of poems, final drafts and newspaper clippings and, most importantly, that tape of them both reading We write down their names and remember their faces at night or in lines at mealtime. But, altho we watch completely the weeks melt in to months and soon those myths are silent, placed with respect in books nobody knows.

He moves quickly onto the next. This seems to settle him and he is then entertaining and calm throughout the rest of the reading even stopping in between poems to tell stories. I started corresponding with a woman who runs the creative writing class at San Quentin and asked if she had ever heard of Lipman sadly, she was yet another who had not.

Latin Culture Today: How to be More Like Frida Kahlo

But we agreed on the charity that provides her funding for San Quentin and Folsom as the best place for any profits to go. Hopefully it will inspire others trapped behind its walls and wire. But then of course, there is the work. It simply reads. All enquiries: scott. Pleads guilty to robbery of first degree. Attempted escape San Diego County Jail. Pleads not guilty acting as his own lawyer.

Au sujet de l'auteur

Freed from San Quentin Prison Hospital. The UK Government can take money away from farmers and give it to Lord Bufton Tufton to subsidise his hunting, shooting and fishing business. For decades the EU has paid farmers subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy to help keep food prices low. There have always been disagreements about how the system works and whether it benefits all farmers equally and it has always been changing to adapt, but when the UK leaves the EU next year the payments will stop.

Michael Gove is suggesting a new form of payment from the UK Government to landowners. What are those? The UK Government has a commitment to maintain the CAP payments, in cash terms, until the next UK general election but no commitment to keep paying the same subsidies for food production.

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They can take money away from farmers and give it to Lord Bufton Tufton to subsidise his hunting, shooting and fishing business. That, of course, means that food production will no longer be subsidised to the same extent and food prices would go up. Diversity in farming would be lost - the big farmers and big agribusinesses would be buying up smaller farms and consolidating their landholdings. Little businesses would go under, family farms would disappear, and massive businesses would rule the countryside.

He says he wants to see fewer people employed in agriculture - more machinery and more technology, more genetic modification and new plant biosecurity but fewer people working. All of that is much easier with bigger farms and fewer players in the game. So food prices go up, small businesses go bust, public money in the form of subsidies will be more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer big landowners, and food production will become the preserve of a hegemony.

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The very rich will get richer off the public purse and richer still by controlling the means of producing food while the poor will find that food is no longer affordable. Northern Ireland, of. So if Scotland controls its own system and Wales does the same, why am I concerned about Gove running off on his merry way?

Both ends of that elephant are dangerous. Being cut off from the free trading of the EU will mean that our food producers will find it harder to sell into Europe and our farmers will find it harder to survive. Brexit has many disadvantages but one of the worst might be that a Government in London chasing an ideological goal could do us massive damage.

Join our discussion on April 1st when we will be gathering your views on the challenges facing the capital. Yet a dearth of sorts persists. As in a dearth of decent, well-paid, secure employment with, you know, luxuries, like guaranteed hours, sick pay, time-off, etc etc. Such cynicism eh? Not when this particular curmudgeon is around…I have limitless reserves, following a Faustian pact.

But on a serious note — and to make sense of this rambling essay — we are, despite the swagger of the super-rich, living in straitened times. I refer not just to disposable readies the squeeze continues to hurt in that department, even if wages are now threatening to nudge a little , I refer to the distinct dearth of qualities that used to define the better side of our species: objectivity; evidence-based thinking; tolerance; mutual respect; heck, even the tendency to not overreact to perceived slights is now looking a bit thin on the ground.

A worthy list I know. A rather cutesy definition admittedly of a psychological malaise 20 leithermagazine. Which is to say, the dearth of values feeds off itself. Nah, better to stare at the ceiling with the sound of birdsong and distant motorbikes for company. A dearth of will? But always better than a Triumph of the Will. It was, I suppose, to suggest that becoming emphatic does not come without a price. Minus animals. In April. This is absurd. But where have they gone? Consigned to history along with childhood fridge deaths, electrocution and puppy-wielding pederasts?

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Who knows? Or dares to dream. This is a contentious one. Maybe there are loads of them out there. Hiding in a bush on the Links.

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We can only but imagine. Until this elusive quarry surfaces, I shall take solace in my jazz mags. Drop the pie and pick up the spanner. Yesterday is cheaper than today.