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Series No: 1. Bundle BX Booktopia Search Results for ' John Gwynne '. We sell books, hardback The Faithful and the Fallen is considered by many fans, myself included, to be an underrated gem. When I began writing 'Malice' I wanted to try and capture some of that nostalgia, but I also wanted to merge it Book 1 is due for publication in Book 1 of 4 in the Faithful and the Fallen Series Editorial Reviews. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or Nov 28, Beginning with Gemmell Award-winning Malice Best Malice Faithful and the Fallen , book 1 by John Gwynne.

Mar 18, The Faithful And the Fallen by John Gwynne, it baffles me that not a lot of readers know about this fantastic epic fantasy series.

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Right after I finished reading Malice, the first book in the series, Book 1 is titled The Winter King. The Faithul and Fallen, Book 1. By: John Gwynne. Narrated by: Damian Lynch. But as the story expands, so too does its cast. Honestly, I found Malice to be a little slow, and perhaps a little bit laborious: there are times when excessive detail in the child PoVs becomes repetitive.

Many of you may roll your eyes at seeing such a male-dominated character list. Rest assured, the gender imbalance is addressed in book two, Valour, with the introduction of more female point-of-view protagonists. And book three, Ruin , is notably populated with strong female characters of all ages, races and stations — as well as one or two non-humans. Malice and, to some extent, Valour carefully builds the web of character relationships that is then brought beautifully to the fore in Ruin.

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The characters who survive Malice— several of whom were first introduced to the reader as children — grow and develop in interesting and unusual ways throughout the series. Corban, on the other hand, is entirely fallible. Love and loyalty confuse his decisions, and he makes plenty of mistakes along his entire journey not just at the beginning. Furthermore, the skills he does possess are a result of growing up within a hard-working warrior culture.

This works fantastically for making battle scenes tense and pacy, and just overall keeps the pages turning.

Short chapters that switch back and forth between two characters left me breathless and desperate to keep reading until the sequence reached its very satisfying! Ruin, however, totally blew me away.

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And then you start reading Ruin. The Banished Lands are at war.

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No longer charmingly rural, the Celtic settings have become wild and threatening: large parts of Ruin take place in uncharted forests, treacherous marshes and daunting ruins that create a tangible atmosphere of threat and tension. The God-War is not good vs. The last two books are suffused with a grit and intensity that in the first two books is for the most part lacking. The action comes thick and fast, and it feels as though the reader is right there amongst the combatants: sweating and bleeding and dodging blades and arrows and fists from every quarter. Large-scale battles which I found distant and impersonal in earlier books are visceral and immediate, featuring character-driven narratives that make the fighting feel less glorious and more real.

Each book is stronger than the last, growing in pace, intensity and sheer readability with every chapter. With so many disparate groups of characters to keep track of, each chapter is a keyhole through which we glean hints of what might happen, and through which we gain numerous perspectives on events. With perspective comes understanding, and readers will no doubt find themselves surprised by their own changing attitudes towards certain characters. Viewing a battle—along with its associated victories, losses and deaths—from different sides of the conflict brings humanity to every character, no matter how despicable they may seem.

And with humanity comes sympathy. Ruin is one of the very few books that has ever managed to bring me to tears a reaction previously provoked only by Robin Hobb and Steven Erikson and I confess to feeling physically sick with nerves at several points during both Ruin and Wrath while I waited to see what became of a beloved character. The Faithful and the Fallen embraces the underlying hope that traditionally characterises the fantasy genre, that sense of an ever-present light amongst the darkness; the hope that good will push back against evil, no matter how grim the situation may seem.

Gwynne has released four full-length novels within the last four years. And with a new series also set in the Banished Lands slated to begin next year, Gwynne is a solid bet for those who appreciate regular, reliable releases. Fans of traditional fantasy will fall in love with The Faithful and the Fallen.

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