Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass, The Complete 1891-92 Edition (Annotated)

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I was everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be. The first novel by Raymond Chandler, who at the time was a year-old former oil company executive, is a mosaic of shadows, a dark tracery of forking paths. Along them wanders Philip Marlowe, a cynical, perfectly hard-boiled private investigator hired by an old millionaire to find the husband of his beautiful, bitchy wildcat daughter. Marlowe is tough and determined, and he does his best to be a good guy, but there are no true heroes in Chandler's sun-baked, godforsaken Los Angeles, and every plot turn reveals how truly twisted the human heart is" Lev Grossman, "All-TIME Novels".

The Big Sleep "was the first of seven novels to feature the famed detective Philip Marlowe Corrupt networks map out Chandler's post-Prohibition era, be they explicitly criminal or nominally official, and it is the gray areas in between that allow the detective Philip Marlowe to exist. The gray, claustrophobic urban space is a major constituent of the novel; set in Southern California, the location could really be any major city given that exteriors are almost entirely absent.

Rooms, cars, and even phone booths represent a series of divided compartments in which the story develops, a series of points with no connections. This is essential to the nature of the world and the character, a new kind of 'hero' who seems only to become active when there is a crime to solve. We know nothing of his background and only ever see him return to his office, and this only when a trail is exhausted. Like Sergio Leone's Man With No Name, Marlowe combines a kind of shabby fallibility-a hard drinker who seems to be constantly beaten up by men and women alike-with an almost supernatural authority whereby he seems to serenely coast over the jumbled twists and turns of the case, observing and randomly following leads and providence, until a solution is finally reached.

That this is in such contrast to the Sherlock Holmes school of detective work-where central to the plot is the immense intellectuality of the detective that allows him to simply consider at length the facts in order to succeed-is perhaps the most significant factor in the novel's literary importance" Seb Franklin, Britannica. Octavo, original printed wrappers; custom box. Fading and wear to spine, splits to wrapper joints but holding ; mild general wear.

A fragile item: unrestored and in significantly better condition than most copies we could trace. Paris: Shakespeare and Co, Number of printed on handmade paper out of a total edition of Paris: Shakespeare and Co. Quarto, original blue-green wrappers, early custom half-leather box. Wrappers with light rubbing to edges, wear to spine with approximately one-inch chip below first spine band, very mild crease to about first 30 leaves; front wrapper holding, but very tender at joint. Some wear to slipcase. A very good copy of what is generally considered the most influential novel of the twentieth-century; rare in unrestored original wrappers.

Philadelphia: Ferguson Bros. Original three-quarter leather over marbled boards rebacked. He wrote to one acquaintance in that 'I think of Horace Traubel was again involved in getting this big book out, and he and Whitman had endless discussions about all aspects of its production.

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We will attend to the presswork and binding when we come to it. The main thing is the plates-the plates. Horace, I am on the verge of a final collapse: I look on the future-even tomorrow, next day-with a feeling of the greatest uncertainty. I am anything but secure: let us make the book secure. Whitman was immersed in every aspect of his bookmaking" and was very pleased with the result, for upon receiving the first copies he declared to Traubel, "it's better-far, far better-than the best I looked for.

Whitman's "big book"- what he thought of as the final monument to his career - was published in only copies "for the author's own use", with each copy signed on the title page. This copy is the first issue - without the limitation number added by hand by Horace Traubel. All copies that were distributed before Feb. In Myerson's binding A, rebacked at an early date. Sarrazin, deeply impressed, inserted a chapter called 'Walt Whitman,' which was published separately in La Nouvelle Revue on 1 May In January , Sarrazin sent Whitman a copy of the well-received article.

Richard Maurice Bucke, each to translate the Sarrazin article. Whitman then had two versions to compare, and he was well pleased with Sarrazin's work, pronouncing it to be among the 'strongest pieces of work which Leaves of Grass has drawn out' Traubel Whitman wrote to Sarrazin, and the two continued to correspond until almost the very end of Whitman's life. Whitman died a year and a half later.

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Ingersoll's speech lately are my grand panaceas -I have also a copy of the London Universal Review that prints it in French. I am collecting a little final annex 2d annex to be added to L of G. America" addressed in black ink in Whitman's hand, with five-cent stamp and postmark from September 5, Complete with title page portrait Linton engraving after G. Potter photograph and engraved portrait of Whitman as a young man used as frontispiece in the Leaves of Grass bound in at page 28, before Leaves of Grass.

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Whitman inscription to Sarrazin on front flyleaf; letter and envelope affixed to verso. Authenticated and Personal Book handled by W. Portraits from Life Large octavo, publisher's three-quarter morocco over marbled boards rebacked at an early date with stamping matching printing on original paper label Myerson's Binding A ; custom box. Front hinge and first few leaves reinforced or re-attached at gutter.

Leaves of Grass

A little scuffing to binding; occasional light foxing toward beginning and end of volume. Letter with folds in outstanding condition with ink strong and crisp.

Berlin: Die Schmiede, All four stories had been previously published either in newspapers or literary supplements Although Max Brod had usually arranged for the publication of Kafka's texts and, in fact, had brought Kafka to the attention of Die Schmiede, Kafka himself negotiated the terms for this volume in Kafka received a small advance, which he dearly needed for his care and treatment during the last few months of his life and arranged for all royalties from the volume to go to Dora Diamant after his death.

Nonetheless, with what little strength he had left, he corrected the galleys up until the last day of his life" Gray, Gross, Goebel, A Franz Kafka Encyclopedia. Thin octavo xmm , original green cloth designed by Georg Salter, blue and red printed label on front board; red and white paper spine label. Spine label toned as usual ; perhaps a hint of fading to spine the spine is often found quite faded. A beautiful copy of a book that is notoriously difficult to find in good condition.

Berlin and Leipzig: S. Fischer Verlag, In Kafka's time it was the major periodical publication of one of the leading German literary presses Kafka was a regular reader of Die neue Rundschau throughout his life. In addition, he chose it as the title story for the last volume of stories that he was able to oversee" Richard T. Gray, A Franz Kafka Encyclopedia. Fischer Verlag, October , pp. Tall octavo, original wrappers; custom silk box. Slight lean to spine; a touch of dampstaining to extreme edge of text block well away from text.

Rare in original wrappers. Frankfurt: A. Wechel, First Latin Edition. Contemporary pigskin. This case had everything - an unhappy marriage, a sudden disappearance and a mysterious return, an accusation of impersonation, a possibly complicit wife, a family and a village divided, two dramatic trials, the sudden appearance of a surprise witness at a moment in the second trial when acquittal seemed imminent, a sudden reversal of fortune, the defendant's conviction, his public apology declaring the wife to be an innocent victim , and his execution in front of the home of the man he impersonated.

Leaves of Grass and Other Writings [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd Edition]

It is scarcely surprising that the case has inspired, among other things, an essay by Montaigne and one by Leibniz, a novel by Dumas, a short story by Philip K. Dick, an opera, two fine films a French one starring Gerard Depardieu and an American one transposing the action to the Civil War, starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster , at least two musicals, and countless historical novels and radio and television episodes.

Eight years later, a man arrived in the village claiming to be Martin Guerre, and he was accepted as such by Bertrande and by the other villagers. He took over management of Guerre's property and had two children with Bertrande, one of whom survived. In fact, the man was one Arnaud du Tilh, who was well-known in his home village as "'dissolute,' a youth of 'bad life,' 'absorbed in every vice.

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He became known as Pansette, 'the belly,' a many with big appetites Suspicions concerning the returned "Martin Guerre" arose among some villagers, particularly Guerre's uncle Pierre, although Bertrande insisted that the man she now lived with was her real husband. In a soldier passed through Artigat and said that "Martin Guerre" was an impostor - the real Martin Guerre had joined the army of Spain and had lost a leg in battle. When a nearby farmhouse mysteriously burned down, its owner filed a complaint accusing "Guerre" of arson and - probably drawing in information provided by Pierre - of impersonation.

Although the complaint had to be withdrawn for lack of evidence, and "Guerre," who had been arrested, was released, the respite was only temporary. This "was one of the five chambers of the Parlement and made up of a rotating group of ten to eleven judges and two or three presidents. Those who happened to be sitting on it for the appeal of 'Martin Guerre' included some of the luminaries of the court, [including] the learned Jean de Coras At a dramatic moment in the proceedings, with the court on the verge of finding for the defendant, a man with a wooden leg appeared and stated that he was Martin Guerre.

This development dramatically changed the course of the trial; the defendant was found guilty of impersonation and adultery, and sentenced to deliver a public apology and then to be executed. He was hanged four days later, in Artigat. The court recognized Bertrande as one of the innocent victims of the scam, and Arnaud's public apology denied any knowledge or responsibility on her part. Instead he went to his study in Toulouse and began to write [the work offered here] By October 1, , he was most of the way through a first draft" Davis, Return.

Interest in the case was revived in when historian Natalie Zemon Davis published her influential microhistory The Return of Martin Guerre. Davis had collaborated with the screenwriter and director of the Gerard Depardieu film, but was dissatisfied with the final result because of its "depart[ures] from the historical record. She also reinterpreted Arnaud as someone consciously creating for himself, a la Don Draper, a new and better identity - a process she describes as "self-fashioning.

The work offered here is the first Latin edition the third edition overall, excluding reprints of the first two editions of Coras's account of the trial. The exceptionally rare first edition was published in French in Small octavo 97xmm , contemporary blind-stamped pigskin over boards with handsome ownership seal stamped on front cover "Andreas Lissieczki" ; owner name and date "A D " stamped on base of front board and title "Arestvm Tholosanvm" stamped on top. All edges red. Neat Jesuit library inscription dated at base of title, remnant of bookplate dated on front pastedown.