What the Modern Martyr Should Know: 72 Grapes and not a single virgin.

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I mean like a person who wants to kill himself because he does not like the world thats just sucide. But a person who blows himself up even though he doesnt want to die and does it for the sake of islam not because he doesnt like this life. O yeah i agree with the part of civilians but then agian israel there are no innocent civilians and in iraq we dont know the truth many times american and british soldiers kill civilians and say the insurgents did it. Allaah S. Originally Posted by Herostratos. Re: Question regarding 72 virgin Hadith Perhaps too many people read too much into things and do not look for the plain simple meanings of things.

Too many people of today have the error of confusing pleasure with happiness and attempt to inject pleasure into Jannah. My own concepts along these lines, astaghfirullah, come to be that only the purest of people will be in Jannah.

Therefore it only makes sense that those who go to Jannah will be greeted by the purest of the pure. In the past mideastern mind set, numbers were used more as an adjective of purity or quality not quantity. In reality most people can only truly comprehend 3 numbers: One, 2 and many. Going way back historicaly, and even today in some Mid eastern countries at a funeral, the age of the diseased is often given as many hundred of years old.

The old Babylonian :Book of Giglamish" gives many references of people living to be 10 or even 20 thousand years old. Nobody believed that the person lived that many physical years, those statements were to express the degree of near perfection the person reached. So, in my opinion the statement of being greated by 72 pure companions is a description of the renewed purity of people in Jannah. Just my impression. Re: Question regarding 72 virgin Hadith the Western world is obsessed with sex and so the only thing that would interest them is anything reotely sexual in the Qur'an. Did you know? The former word literally means "most beautiful eye" irrespective of the person's gender, while the latter word means "companion.

The modern philologist Christoph Luxenberg, however, argues that the word 'houri' does not mean wide-eyed virgin but actually translates as white grapes. Nevertheless, the word "houri" has entered into several European languages with a meaning of a "voluptuous, beautiful, alluring woman" [7].

The houri are frequently mentioned in Muslim scriptures and commentaries as the source of much speculation and intrigue.

72 Virgins

The Islamic Hadith traditions of the Prophet also describe the houri although not all hadiths are equally trustworthy. According to Ibn Kathir, Muhammed said that men in heaven would have sex with one hundred virgins in one day. Some companions of Muhammad are reported to have said that men in heaven will be "busy in deflowering virgins. Al-Tirmidhi - C. Muslim commentarors have written that "all righteous women, however old and decayed they may have been on earth, will be resurrected as virginal maidens and will, like their male counterparts, remain eternally young in paradise.

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Ibn Kathir says that the houri "are delightful virgins of comparable age who never had sexual intercourse with anyone, whether from mankind or Jinns, before their husbands. Ibn Maja - C. When a man desires a beauty, he will have intercourse with them. He said: Anybody among them will be given sexual strength of seven, persons among you. Each of them will keep embracing him for the duration of his whole worldly life time. He also said: There will be markets in Paradise in which there will be no buy and sale, but there will be men and women.

The blonde hair of this "Mother of God" is arranged in the latest fashion, with a voluminous chignon and curls. As she leans on her Son's arm, her face is lovingly turned toward her Only-Begotten, whose dress and attitude are equally worthy of admiration. Christ wears an evening dress-coat, with swallow-tail, black trousers, and low cut white vest; varnished boots, and white kid gloves, over one of which sparkles a rich diamond ring, worth many thousands we must suppose — a precious Brazilian jewel. Above this body of a modern Portuguese dandy, is a head with the hair parted in the middle; a sad and solemn face, and eyes whose patient look seems to reflect all the bitterness of this last insult flung at the majesty of the Crucified.

The Egyptian Isis was also represented as a Virgin Mother by her devotees, and as holding her infant son, Horus, in her arms. In some statues and basso-relievos, when she appears alone she is either completely nude or veiled from head to foot. But in the Mysteries, in common with nearly every other goddess, she is entirely veiled from head to foot, as a symbol of a mother's chastity.

It would not do us any harm were we to borrow from the ancients some of the poetic sentiment in their religions, and the innate veneration they entertained for their symbols. It is but fair to say at once that the last of the true Christians died with the last of the direct apostles. Thus we may infer that the only characteristic difference between modern Christianity and the old heathen faiths is the belief of the former in a personal devil and in hell.

The German Goddess, Hell, too, like Proserpine, had once seen better days. Thus, when the Germans were indoctrinated with the idea of a real devil, the Semitic Seth, Satan or Diabolus, they treated him in the most good-humored way.

The same may be said of hell. Hades was quite a different place from our region of eternal damnation, and might be termed rather an intermediate state of purification.

Debunking the Suicide for 72 Virgins Myth!

Neither does the Scandinavian Hel or Hela, imply either a state or a place of punishment; for when Frigga, the grief-stricken mother of Bal-dur, the white god, who died and found himself in the dark abodes of the shadows Hades sent Hermod, a son of Thor, in quest of her beloved child, the messenger found him in the inexorable region — alas! No more is it the Egyptian Amenthes, the region of judgment and purification; nor the Onderah — the abyss of darkness of the Hindus; for even the fallen angels hurled into it by Siva, are allowed by Parabrahma to consider it as an intermediate state, in which an opportunity is afforded them to prepare for higher degrees of purification and redemption from their wretched condition.

The Gehenna of the New Testament was a locality outside the walls of Jerusalem; and in mentioning it, Jesus used but an ordinary metaphor. Whence then came the dreary dogma of hell, that Archimedean lever of Christian theology, with which they have succeeded to hold in subjection the numberless millions of Christians for nineteen centuries? Assuredly not from the Jewish Scriptures, and we appeal for corroboration to any well-informed Hebrew scholar. The only designation of something approaching hell in the Bible is Gehenna or Hinnom, a valley near Jerusalem, where was situated Tophet, a place where a fire was perpetually kept for sanitary purposes.

The prophet Jeremiah informs us that the Israelites used to sacrifice their children to Moloch-Hercules on that spot; and later we find Christians quietly replacing this divinity by their god of mercy, whose wrath will not be appeased, unless the Church sacrifices to him her unbaptized children and sinning sons on the altar of "eternal damnation"!

If they answer us that it is in the Apocalypse xx. While showing that this word does not mean infinite duration, and that in the Old Testament the word forever only signifies a long time, Archbishop Tillotson has completely perverted its sense with respect to the idea of hell-torments. According to his doctrine, when Sodom and Gomorrah are said to be suffering "eternal fire," we must understand it only in the sense of that fire not being extinguished till both cities were entirely consumed.

But, as to hell-fire the words must be understood in the strictest sense of infinite duration.

Such is the decree of the learned divine. For the duration of the punishment of the wicked must be proportionate to the eternal happiness of the righteous. The Reverend T. We suspect that the reverend speculator had read the Apocalypse in bed, and had the nightmare in consequence. There are two verses in the Revelation of John reading thus: "And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun, and power was given him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God.

The idea is new neither with the above-mentioned author nor with John. The composition of the latter comprises all its visible forms, such as the "correlation of forces" — heat, flame, electricity, etc. The former is the Spirit of Fire. The difference is purely alchemical. Symbolically, the central, spiritual sun, the Supreme Deity.

Arrived at this region every soul becomes purified of its sins, and unites itself forever with its spirit, having previously suffered throughout all the lower spheres. By placing the sphere of visible fire in the middle of the universe, he simply taught the heliocentric system which appertained to the Mysteries, and was imparted only in the higher degree of initiation.

John gives to his Word a purely kabalistic significance, which no "Fathers," except those who had belonged to the Neo-platonic school, were able to comprehend. Origen understood it well, having been a pupil of Ammonius Saccas; therefore we see him bravely denying the perpetuity of hell-torments. He maintains that not only men, but even devils by which term he meant disembodied human sinners , after a certain duration of punishment shall be pardoned and finally restored to heaven.

Many have been the learned and truly-inspired speculations as to the locality of hell.

Stolen Child

The most popular were those which placed it in the centre of the earth. At a certain time, however, skeptical doubts which disturbed the placidity of faith in this highly-refreshing doctrine arose in consequence of the meddling scientists of those days. As a Mr. Swinden in our own century observes, the theory was inadmissible because of two objections: 1st, that a fund of fuel or sulphur sufficient to maintain so furious and constant a fire could not be there supposed; and, 2d, that it must want the nitrous particles in the air to sustain and keep it alive.

The skeptical gentleman had evidently forgotten that centuries ago St. Augustine solved the difficulty. Have we not the word of this learned divine that hell, nevertheless, is in the centre of the earth, for "God supplies the central fire with air by a miracle "? The argument is unanswerable, and so we will not seek to upset it. The Christians were the first to make the existence of Satan a dogma of the Church. And once that she had established it, she had to struggle for over 1, years for the repression of a mysterious force which it was her policy to make appear of diabolical origin.

Unfortunately, in manifesting itself, this force invariably tends to upset such a belief by the ridiculous discrepancy it presents between the alleged cause and the effects. See "De Coelo," lib. Dei," I, xxi. Notwithstanding this, the clergy fear above all to be forced to relinquish this hold on humanity. They are not willing to let us judge of the tree by its fruits, for that might sometimes force them into dangerous dilemmas. They refuse, likewise, to admit, with unprejudiced people, that the phenomena of Spiritualism has unquestionably spiritualized and reclaimed from evil courses many an indomitable atheist and skeptic.

But, as they confess themselves, what is the use in a Pope, if there is no Devil? And so Rome sends her ablest advocates and preachers to the rescue of those perishing in "the bottomless pit. Among other certificates of ecclesiastical approval, every volume is ornamented with the text of a certain original letter addressed to the very pious author by the world-known Father Ventura de Raulica, of Rome. Few are those who have not heard this famous name.

Virgins? What virgins?

This strikingly characteristic document will remain to astonish future generations by its spirit of unsophisticated demonolatry and unblushing sincerity. A— men! This is an unexpected honor indeed, for our American "controls" in general, and the innocent "Indian guides" in particular.

To be thus introduced in Rome as princes of the Empire of Eblis, is more than they could ever hope for in other lands.