Windows of Faith

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The well-known stained glass windows of St. Patrick Church in Bisbee AZ were installed during the church's construction in Louis, MO, the windows are a stunning example of the Munich Pictorial style of window that Emil Frei, the studio's founder, was known for.

Windows of Faith is a 60 page book featuring large color photographs of each of the windows in the church, giving the reader an opportunity to view and study the fine details often missed during a brief visit to the church. Social justice reflections by Pope Francis, Archbishop Oscar Romero, and other Catholic theologians parallel many of the lessons of the window scenes.

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The Blessed Virgin was present for the passion and death of her only Son. This may offer strength to the grief-stricken as well as encourage them to pray to the Blessed Virgin. A picture of Job and his trials may prove to be comforting to one who suffers from stress. Job is an excellent example of a man who had more reason than most to be extremely depressed. After he lost all of his possessions, his friends encouraged him to despair. Yet, he prayed to God and offered up his sufferings and trials.

This may motivate the depressed to seek comfort in prayer, as Job did. The colored light that comes from stained glass windows creates a calming atmosphere that can have an emotional impact on people. The silence of a church partnered with the soothing colored lights coming through stained glass windows helps to calm the troubled hearts of many seeking peace. One window that offers such consolation is the window of Jesus and the Children, from the First Presbyterian Church in Kennett, Missouri.

Christ is illustrated with a child on His lap, His hand on the head of another, and a third child behind Him. The peaceful expressions on the faces of the children and Christ, partnered with the soft colors used, create a soothing atmosphere. Stained glass windows serve to inspire.

Patterns of faith 1 of 1 Margaret E Barber 和受恩

They may inspire in a practical way, such as serving as the inspiration for a piece of work. They may help one to see the will of God.

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This may be done by a person contemplating on a window of a priest, nun, or monk, perhaps being inspired to enter the religious life. Stained glass windows may also be the inspiration for a piece of work. One may chose to write a poem about a stained glass window. One may use stained glass windows as the topic for a paragraph, essay, or research report.

Stained glass may be the inspiration for a musical piece. One may even see a person or event portrayed in stained glass and use it as the model or subject for a statue or painting. Stained glass windows may also inspire people to holiness. Contemplating a window depicting a saint or the Holy Family may inspire people to lead a better life or to offer up their trials.

It is clear that stained glass windows offer more than simply beauty; they also offer education, consolation, and inspiration in churches worldwide. From early Christianity to the present, the Church has used stained glass windows to help educate its members. Stained glass windows have helped thousands of people grow in faith through both their beauty and the images they portray. The calming effect provided by stained glass windows fosters a prayerful atmosphere in churches.

Windows of Faith, Windows of Life

Stained glass windows have aided worship for thousands of people for many generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. Eerdmans Publishing Co. He is the best partner you have in the world. He gives you everything you have, even the air you breathe. He has said you should take one-tenth of what comes to you and give it to the Church as directed by the Lord.

Churches’ stained-glass windows show and tell a story...

The tithing of the members of the Church belongs to the Lord. He decides, through a council of His servants, how it should be used. To Church members and others throughout the world, I bear my testimony of the Council on the Disposition of the Tithes.

I have sat on this council for 17 years, as the Presiding Bishop of the Church and now as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Without exception, the tithing funds of this Church have been used for His purposes. The Lord desires that all His children have the blessings of tithing.

Too often we as parents do not teach and encourage our children to live this law because their contribution only amounts to a few cents. But without a testimony of tithing, they are vulnerable. In their teenage years, they become attracted to clothes, entertainment, and expensive possessions and risk losing the special protection that tithing provides. As the years go on, is it possible that a young man can be ordained an elder, serve a mission, and effectively teach a law to others that he has not lived himself?

When he returns home and faces the pressures of schooling, starting a family, and a career, will the law of tithing become easier to live? Likewise, will a young woman be worthy to serve the Lord and make celestial marriage covenants without having gained a testimony of tithing for herself?

Windows of Faith, Windows of Life - Immanuel Riverside

Will she be prepared to teach her children a law she has not learned by her own experience? O what faithfulness is required of fathers and mothers who would unitedly call down the protective blessings of tithing upon their family and the blessings that are rightfully theirs! If we observe this law, no matter what our enemies may do, the Lord will preserve us. In a few weeks each of us will have the sacred opportunity to sit once again with our bishop and settle our tithing with the Lord. Your bishop will be gentle and kind.


He will understand the challenges you face. If you cannot pay back what you missed paying in the past, go forward. Begin today. Share with your bishop your commitment to pay a full tithe in the future, and work out a plan to return to the temple as soon as possible. As soon as you have demonstrated your faith in paying tithing over a period of time and kept the other necessary commandments, you will be able to enjoy the eternal blessings of the temple.